To be fit for your birthTo be fit for your kidsTo be fit for your life

To be fit for your birth

Empowering women through personal fitness


To be fit for your kids

Empowering women through personal fitness


To be fit for your life

Empowering women through personal fitness



Kelly Lifting

Increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance to improve fitness level


Turkish Getup

Get the body aligned and moving correctly to reduce common aches and pains


Kelly Hiking

Take control of your life by becoming physically and emotionally stronger

Success Stories

  • Feeling "squishy in the middle" after two kids, I thought I had to resign myself to being a size larger. It was the opposite. Kelly's got a terrific attitude and an approach that's custom to my body and learning style. I trust her completely to know what I can handle, and the solid results - like fitting in my jeans and gladly wearing tank tops and a bikini again - keep me coming back regularly.
  • My training sessions with Kelly became about so much more than working out my body ~ she also helped me find an inner strength that has made me a better mom to my sons. I am stronger physically and emotionally than I have ever been, thanks to Kelly's ability to tailor my workouts and nutrition plan to my goals, my needs, and my personal journey.

Meet the TRAINER

Kelly McGovern is an accomplished fitness professional specializing in women’s fitness, including pre- and post-natal care. Helping clients grow stronger, gain confidence, and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle inspires Kelly in her training.

As an avid Crossfit athlete and coach, Kelly’s training style has molded into a hybrid of correctional exercise and high intensity, functional movements. Her philosophy is “form first” – pushing her clients to practice safe yet challenging skills. Kelly recognizes life is a journey. Her focus is to integrate fitness into her client’s lives so they achieve and sustain success.

“If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” — Unknown

Certifications include:


A fitness assessment is the first step along your journey and required for everyone.
This provides a chance to get to know each other and helps in gauging your fitness level.

To get started, fill out the form linked below or call Kelly directly at (650) 741-4921.